Still mostly bad news, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

What percentage of ownership do investors acquire at each financing stage?


Earlier this year my research lab at Radicle released a working paper and online model that makes it easy for anyone to approximate an undisclosed startup valuation. The log-log model we published uses the amount of capital raised by the startup and the financing round’s stage classification to predict the valuation. …


It’s often difficult to comprehend the significance of numbers thrown…


A few months ago Radicle’s research team began working on a blockchain composite, not as an investment vehicle, but rather for the purpose of having a clear and unbiased benchmark while evaluating new decentralized projects in the crypto economy. This paper discusses some preliminary statistical work that helped us better understand coin movements. …

A measure of startup competition.

Sebastian Quintero

Founder, CEO and Chief Scientist @ Invariant Studios

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